She is not very attractive, is she? She may yet grow into her beauty. Her name is Lily, like our doggie, so naturally I found that interesting. I read about about Little Hen Rescue in an article in a knitting magazine. It explained about people knitting and making fleece sweatshirts for chickens. The group is devoted to rescuing hens from non free range farming operations. Some of the rescuees have to be taught to walk because they never have. The group works from Norwich which is located inland on that little bumpy part of England that looks like it is shaking its fist at Amsterdam.

Maybe this is why I took an interest in chickens:

These are part of a flock of chickens that roams the town where I go to work. Free-range in a big way. I do not think anyone knows to whom they belong. The picture above is the view I have every day on my way to work. Just past the Fire Station is a traffic light. It is always red and I never mind because I can have a quick visit with the chickens, though more often the group I see is 6-8 roosters. The girls seem to be over at the library much of the time although in the late afternoon I have seen the whole flock pecking around behind Popeye's Fried Chicken...This is a picture also taken from the town where I work. Many days I have looked up from my desk and seen one of these three and a half foot fellows looking in the window at me. They range around our work location as though they know Sandhill Cranes are federally protected.


StCroixLady said...

Unbelieveable! Sweaters for CHICKENS!!! LOL!! I love it! At least you wouldn't have too long to knit...

kmogilev said...

So cute! The chickens almost make me want to knit! You should make a purple Lilly sweater for the Chicken Lilly (so they can be purple sweater sisters). I also love the cool pink & orange-y purse you're working on! The owl swater with eyes is super! I would actually wear that (if it wasn't itchy). Looks like you're up to some amazing stuff!
Love, K