June 6

Sorry this post is late. An accident on my street left our house without internet. Hope no one was hurt.

About the Fiesta Baby Boom. How I LOVE the color way, Madrid. How I love the fabric of Baby Boom knit on size 4—FOR A SWEATER. Yeah, I linked the words and the photo. The words go to WEBS and the photo above goes to a Loopy Ewe to see the yarn. Just click it.

Unfortunately, the entire time I was knitting them, I suspected the fabric was too loose for socks. Yes, I kept knitting them. Surely the material would suddenly shrink and thicken up. No, it never happened. Yes, I hate the way they are. I will reknit them. This summer I plan to try them on again, then free the yarn.

I may re-cast this summer or just relax the yarn to re-cast next fall. They really are beautiful until I put them on. Then the fabric is just too loosey-goosey. Luckily, I LIKE knitting, right, Helen?


Anonymous said...

What incredibly yummy wool!

Anonymous said...

It is squishy and wonderful!