New Year's List Socks (although today is June 2)

Yep. Still knitting socks from my New Year’s list. This is Taffy color way from Seacoast Yarns that I bought from Jackie’s Fine Yarns. I think she is not actively in business right now. She had some health issues and I wish her well. She surely did have some fine yarns.

I have the heel turned on one and the other is ready to go. Changed my mind a couple of times along the way.
These have a pointier toe than I would like but I didn’t rip them back farther than the increases. Now they have just a plain foot, some rows of plain knitting to the ankle, K2, P1 for a 5 or 6 rows, then an increase on every second K to end up with a K2, P2 rib. This will keep me busy at stoplights for awhile.

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