All about the Abbigale
It is (was) four balls of pencil roving. The colors are kind of pale and I am a saturated color kind of girl so I never really paid much attention to it. I have not done any spinning in over a year, but that did not stop me from finding some roving and ordering up a big puffy package or two from England. As referenced yesterday, the pinks all came from Alchemy Fibre Arts (The link should work in this post and if so, I will go back and edit yesterday's.) I bought 3 batches of pinks through reds through purples and spent yesterday morning arranging them. That was when I decided I should get back into spinning with something less challenging and found the pencil roving! Imagine my surprise when I pulled out those four little nuggets and found that each one was wrapped as DOUBLE pencil roving!
If you do not know me, you have no idea how thrilling this discovery was for me. Here is a picture that may give you a clue:
Yes, I am obsessed with color, balance, and proportion and keeping the order just as I think it should be. If I could only harness some of that dementia for housework...
Anyway, I spent a few hours separating the roving into 2 identical balls. The plan? Perfectly matching plies! I am certain they will not be balanced in weight since I am really a novice spinner but it will be fun to ply them and see how closely the color changes match up on each single.

Oh...and the picture at the very top of today's post? Just enough short little off-ends to warm up for the real thing.

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