Is it really June 21 already?

Yep, a knitted trilobite. I always was fascinated by these little guys. This one was knitted some time ago, probably 2006 or 7 . I put a strong magnet in his stomach and he lived with my son for awhile. He probably was on a refrigerator or a magnetic bulletin board. Don't know where he is now. Want to knit your own? Beth Skwarecki created and blogged it. This one is knitted with leftover gray (or grey) Donegal tweed in a silk and merino blend, DK or maybe light worsted weight. When I do it again, I might try sock weight and make a whole fleet of them.

Here are some shots of a purse I made to go with my wedding suit. That is, the suit I wear to all weddings. The suit is milk-chocolate brown with pin stripes and I wear an aqua or turquoise shirt with it. I made copper earrings to go with the purse but haven't photographed them and they aren't with me up here in the mountains. Maybe I will photograph some of my jewelry creations as a new project. Then I can Etsy some of the excess!

I loved the fabric as soon as I saw it. The big aqua butterflies were just a shade off, more into the green family than I wanted so I bought some fabric paint and touched up the veining on the wings with the bluer tone I wanted pick up. I chose metallic copper E-beads and natural turquoise round beads stabilized with a brown matrix to coordinate. Then I used the beads as the top anchor on the purse frame when I sewed the purse and lining on. You might not be able to tell but the lining is a cloudy sky. It was just one of those serendipitous things. The fabric was just waiting for me to buy it.
I had bought the purse frame a year ago. It is very pretty and If I'd had time, I might have removed the crystals and put turquoise in their place, but it suited me just fine to leave them. Believe it or not, the place I bought the frame and the materials (3 different trips to the same store over the course of a year or so) did not carry chain in the lovely copper of the frame. I questioned the man who does the purchasing and he said he had no reason to think they would get any in, could not special order it and wouldn't the silver or the gold do just as well? Was he kidding? He obviously did not know he was talking to someone who would buy $10 a yard fabric for the body of the purse knowing full well she would have to repaint some of the designs to make them match. Anyway, 2 beading supply stores later and I had my chain, clips to attach the chain and the supplies to make the earrings that I can not show you right now.

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kmogilev said...

WOW! This purse is gorgeous! Love the buterflies!