1.29.15--Happy Birthday--It's gonna be one of those months...

Happy Birthday to ME! I think I will celebrate by planning a trip to Oregon, and knitting a sweater.
I joined the 2015 Yarnathon, Knit-A-Long #9, of Eat.Sleep.Knit., a yarn store that is only two hours from here. 
I was placed on the Cowlets team, but I don't know what that means yet. 

I will spend more time on Ravelry, if that is at all possible.

I learned about the shop and the Knit-A-Long from a blogger whom I read everyday, Judy Laquidara. Her blog is called Patchwork Times. She does a lot of cooking, sewing, chicken raising, and knitting. 

Oh, that's right. Maybe you want to see the sweater pattern I picked out. I'll be right back, tomorrow, with a peek. I will try to get some accurate pictures of the yarn, but had little success with pictures today.

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