1.13.15--Happy Birthday--It's gonna be one of those months...

Happy Birthday, AwaySon!

I will drink a cup of Russian Caravan tea in your honor. 

I raise my glass to you. (Despite the family crest, this is not one of your gifts, it is a picture I stole from Wikipedia.)

Tea, a popular drink in Russia since 1638.
Russian Caravan style tea is a classic smoked black tea, made with a blend of Keemun, Lapsang and Assam. It was made popular along the trade route from China to Russia.

Imagine traveling the plains of Asia by camel train with a "precious cargo of tea destined to the opulent courts of St. Petersburg. During the Czar’s time tea was the most important drink after vodka."

I don't know about you, but I think I would prefer it before vodka.
1898 HAT, my new favorite hat to knit, modeled by Headley.
Link takes you to the pattern by Kristine Byrnes on Ravelry

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