I discovered a new artist: Nathan Ripperger of Dubuque, Iowa. I saw some of his work on Pinterest and followed it to his Etsy.com shop. He illustrates things he has said to his children. Go check his shop, I am sure something will resonate with you.

I bought a set of three as a New Year's gift to myself. He has given me permission to show you the one that caught my eye first.
Nathan Ripperger does NOT need more awesome.
Clearly he has an unlimited supply.

It will hang in my bathroom. I also bought one of his designs for my work-out room and one for my studio. Go to his site and see if you can figure out which ones I liked almost as well as the penguin. I'll let you know if you were right.

I think he has a great sense of humor, and a nifty style, and I am glad I gave myself this gift. After all, almost everyone can use a little more awesome.

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