Ugliest tea caddy ever
I have tea. I mean, I have A LOT of tea. I probably need a Tea Caddy. There sure are a lot of different styles available. I like some of the antique ones (about $50-$200), but I tend to keep my loose tea sealed. 

There are some newer ones for bagged tea (bamboo, acrylic, all kinds of materials), but I have a lot of the herbals that do not have an outer bag or a string and tag, so it is difficult to figure out which is which if they are all dumped into one container. 
Most beautiful antique--about $399

Right now, I have the boxed teas in a basket I made and the individually bagged teas in a smaller basket. 

And since I don't have to send a son on a four year journey to an imperial palace in order to bring some tea back to me, I will probably not get a box with a lock.

A tin makes sense. It seals with out a lock and might hold loose as well as bagged teas. I remember we had one like this when I was growing up, but it only held buttons as far back as I can remember. I am still enjoying the search.

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