1.21.15--still knitting

Quilting is starting to happen around here, but I still don't have all the knitting out of my system that I need to do.
I have been grabbing random put-ups--usually "one-offs", just casting on and knitting. Most things turned out to be scarves, but here are a couple more hats. The first is a helmet liner from early WWII. It is a soft, tweedy wool and it worked up in two afternoons.
This is another 1989 cap, probably for my brother.

Right now, I am MAYBE knitting a sweater for me. It is an unusual construction and I found about 5 hanks of Noro Kureyon with no plans for it so I cast on and began. It is a top down with four evenly spaced increases. 

I have been doing a lot of window shopping for yarn. It is a lot of fun to fill a cart, then close the tab on the browser.

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