When the going gets rough, cast-on yet another project.

This is one of a number of patterns called the Noro Striped Scarf. There are lots of incarnations of scarf knitting that call for a yarn with a long color repeat. The one I am using is by Jared Flood. In his version, he uses two colorways of Noro yarn, four balls, total. His scarf costs about $40 or so. 

I had two balls of a very SHORT color repeat (Rustic Wool) and two balls of Vista in two shades of gray.
I don't know what size my needles are. In my upheaval, ALL of my gauge finders are lost. I vaguely remember putting them together one time, instead of running the risk of having to search through every project to find one. Now I have to search through every box to find ALL OF THEM.

LOVE working with this. I think it is
Classic Elite Vista ASH
It is a great "Dummy-Knitting" project. It has NOTHING going on in structure--really--just two rows of purple, two rows of the gray worked completely in the cliche KNIT ONE, PURL ONE pattern. 

When I run out of the lighter gray, I will be finishing with the darker one. 

Love this one, too. Probably
it is the Beaver Grey. I have
always enjoyed natural, gray wool.

I have about 14 scarves in various stages all around the house. Today is a great day for knitting.

If you are entertaining the idea of a striped scarf but don't care for the alternating knit-purl stitches, try Susanne Pietzrak's Noro Scarf

Entirely garter stitch with a clever little INC and DEC to make it come to life with a diagonal energy.

Pretty excitng. Also reversible
and FREE on Ravelry


Ramona said...

I hate it when I put things "some place safe" and can't find them! Good luck finding your gauges. Your striped diagonal scarf is lovely. Scarf wearing weather is quickly approaching! :(

straythreads said...

I really like the color combination or pink and grey thanks for the link to the pattern

Judy S. said...

Fun projects! I made the JF scarf for DH and he wears it lots in our winter rain.