Most people know not to call my cell phone, EVER. I simply do not get a signal. I switched from Verizon--where I COULD get a signal and could usually rely on texting, at least. Now I use Consumer Cellular which uses an AT and T signal, so I can not even get my voice mail when I go into town unless it feels like revealing that I actually HAVE a voicemail. But it IS $130 less a month. 

Still, I realize cell phones are an American habit. Every meeting I go to, within five minutes of the speaker asking that phones be turned off or set to vibrate, someone's phone goes off. Usually, the more annoying the ring tone, the more likely the phone owner thinks she is the only one in the room and the rest of us are just part of the video she is watching. I have even been in meetings--WITH A GUEST LECTURER-- where the "lady" answered the phone and had a conversation with the person on the other end as if the rest of us were not even there. Well, she probably does not read my blog so she will miss this great video. But you are here, so enjoy! 

Then look at the video below that if you could not see my "pet" turkey video on FaceBook Monday.


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