My old hometown has a tea store! It is called TEA WORLD, and I am going to go there next time I go to Florida. I guess businesses in the Central Florida area have not given up on naming EVERYthing after Disneyworld.

I have not had time to photograph some of the treats I found in a care package from my parents, so here is a picture sent to me by my SouthFloridaSister-in-Law.
I am almost CERTAIN that this once belonged to Jane Jetson

Isn't she lovely? I enjoy fond memories of 
the Jetsons and so many other cartoons of the 60s. If you are in MY demographic, do you have any favorites? Thanks, Hannah-Barbera, Biggers and Stover (Underdog), Jay Ward (Rocky and Bullwinkle). I would gladly pour a cup of tea from Jane's tea pot and rewatch some of my favorites.

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