I am still searching for the perfect mug. Tomato soup in a mug sounds just right, doesn't it?
Too bad this one by Morales Pottery in Miami is reserved.

Then there is this one by Barbara Robertson Pottery in Virginia.

I was concerned that it might not be big enough on the inside, but her listing says it holds roughly 13 oz. That makes it just about perfect, doesn't it?
I am enjoying the hunt from behind my laptop since if there ARE any art shows in the area, it is too cold to venture out. Our temperatures are in the low to mid 20s and it is quite possible that the debris in the roof gutters will be blown away before I decide who to hire to take care of it for me.
I like window shopping. Wallet is in stasis,  none of the artisans will be disappointed when I move on to the next booth, and it is very unlikely that I will break anything.

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