Not just for guacamole anymore.
Photo: Jeanine / Love and Lemons
My SouthFloridaFamily sent 12 avocados from their avocado ranch. No, they don't really have a ranch, but in the very few spare moments they have on a very tiny piece of growing space, they have managed to grow a farmload of produce. I received 12 of these on Monday, and promptly ate the last one out of the box almost before it was unwrapped. Did you know avocado can replace butter in baking recipes? These are very mild and I can imagine they would be great in one of these.  The links will take you to the recipes.
photo from DETOXINISTA--chocolate avocado truffles
Of all the chocolate in the world (remember, I am not really much of a chocolate fan), truffles are my favorite. Detoxinista features healthy for you recipes. Go visit her site and find out how to use avocado in place of the heavy cream in truffles. These look very easy to make.

HowSweetEats is a FUNNY, FUNNY person. This is her
photo from her site. I am going to become a regular reader.

HowSweetEats made avocado BROWNIES! If I enjoyed cooking in any way at all, I would definitely make these for family and friends because everyone I know adores chocolate. 

Photo and recipe from EndlessSimmer
If only I could remember this for summer...Avo-Rita from EndlessSimmer. I can imagine that avocado and tequila make the perfect margarita for an evening of salsa and chips with friends. But right now, looking at this drink is making me want to find my sweater to put on over my two shirts. Come back tomorrow and see what else I would cook up if I liked cooking.

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