5.9.14--Quilts and More

Pieceful Mountain Quilt Guild has a few community quilt projects going. Here is a top finished last week. Any distortion in the quilt is due to my photography (photographed from atop a chair, not exactly in the middle) and my editing skills.
Quite pretty, isn't it? You may have a chance to BUY it. It will be in an upcoming show and will have a price on it. I will have more information about size and some close-up pictures of the lovely quilting it will have and where you can purchase it. The money we realize from the sale of this quilt will be used to purchase supplies needed to continue providing quilts to our community as the need arises.

Speaking of quilts for the community, I am working on one, myself. I got going on one idea and didn't like the direction it was taking. I had medium and very dark fabrics. I had a plan for a Maple Leaf or possibly a Bear Paw.

I am still making novice mistakes every now and then and one I made was thinking a large scale print with a dark background would read dark. Well, it CAN but it needs to be paired with a lighter medium. See what I mean?

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