Have you ever felt COMPELLED to immerse yourself in an idea or pursuit? I have been STALKING Dresden Plate quilts and templates. 

The first quilt I EVER worked on a group quilt was with the Winter Park First Congregational Church.  Someone had donated a Dresden Plate quilt kit and the church announced that anyone who wanted to work on it could meet one afternoon and so I did. I think I might have been on maternity leave.  Anyway, the kit hearkened back to the days of tiny print calico and the colors were primary bright, saturated tones, not unlike the pillow above, which is a kit from the 70s.  You can it buy for your very own right HERE.

Actually, if you like this style, you could buy a WHOLE KIT in this double retro style right HERE. I say double retro, because it is a 1970s reissue of a 1930s pattern, available now, in the 20teens.

My Tallahassee Quilty Friend made a Mini-Dresden Plate quilt using an Eleanor Burns pattern. I had that percolating in my mind while I was on the hunt for inspiration. I love Pinterest for that, as well as Google Images. I think her quilt is what set me on this road.

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