5.16.14--Compulsion, part 2

I decided to make my own templates. I wanted mine to be WITHOUT seam allowance because I wanted to try out a Dresden Plate in the English Paper Piecing method, like some people do with hexagons to make a Grandmother's Flower Garden.

I found a variety of methods, shapes, templates for sale, for free download, and directions on using a vector graphics program to design my own. In the end, I decided to go to my favorite free graph paper generator, incomptech.com/graphpaper/. I chose the third section down (Polar and Circular), then I navigated to the Polar graphs.
I chose standard printer paper size, went with the defaults on everything except secondary spokes where I chose 24. Then I downloaded, printed and messed around with making the ends of the petals rounded.

Soon after that, I came up with the idea for the actual project. I don't always choose method and technique for a project and THEN decide what to make but it seems to be working out that way this time!


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