5.10.14--Ever Heard of the 3-2-1 Cakes?

Ever Heard of them? 3 TBS of half Angel Cake Mix and half flavored Cake Mix; 2 TBS water; 1 minute in the microwave.

They ARE easy. (Yes, you remembered, I don't like cake. But I DO like to make an easy dessert for others)

They DO come out, well, LACKING SOMETHING DELICIOUS even to cake-lovers. I tried Nutella when I made chocolate 3-2-1 for my dad last June.

I was pretty excited to find this on PINTEREST because everyone I know likes pineapple and coconut.
You should go visit The Monday Box to see how she got hers to work.

Here is ours.
To be fair, it DID taste coconutty delicious. I PINNED it on Pinterest and came up with a little catch phrase for The Monday Box. She has the KNACK FOR SNACK.


Anonymous said...

I am so sorry your 3-2-1 cake didn't come out as you hoped. I can't figure out why, because I have seen these come out great in college dorms! If you have left over mix and want to give it another go, these are some things I thought about that might help: 1. You did use Angel Food mix with your regular mix? 2. Your cake looks wide and flat. Was your mug/bowl very wide? I just use a Corningware teacup or a paper party cup. Their diameter is less than 3 inches. 3. Every microwave is different. I just got a new one and now all of my 3-2-1 cakes take 35-40 seconds, not 1 minute. At 1 minute they are deflated and dry. I hope this helps!-Wendy

Purl Buttons said...

Oh, my! I never thought you would read my blog! Yes, I used a rather narrow coffee mug and half angel cake, half coconut cake. We had a great laugh since I am not known for culinary skill. I hope you were complimented that I believe you really DO have "The Knack for Snack".

Wendy Sondov said...

Absolutely no offense taken! :) Its just that I am not an expert at anything nor do I really have any baking talent (just good at following directions....when my mind doesn't wander) and have always had success with these "fake" desserts. Once when I tried using juice instead of water in 3-2-1 the cake didn't rise. Maybe your coconut cake mix is more moist than the regular vanilla that I used? I hope it at least tasted ok! :)