5.5.14 I Am Back

Thank you, LIFE HACKER. I read the Melanie Pinola article "How to Know When It's Time to Quit", published 10/04/12 10:00am. I am sure she was writing about CAREERS, not blogging platforms but here is the gist of what she said and how I think it pertains to me.

You're consistently experiencing more frustration than reward.   Manipulating the text and photographs is not getting easier due to the restrictions of WordPress
You can't envision a possible solution or continuing this way.  As I said, the restrictions of WordPress
Spending time on this keeps you from more rewarding endeavors or seriously damages your well-being.  Blogging certainly was quicker on Blogspot, but I do not feel seriously damaged.
You're staying for the wrong reasons. Someone told me I lose followers every time I switch hosts. Since I only have about THREE followers, losing even one would diminish my following by one third. But I am not selling anything so I will not be missing revenue. I am doing this for my own pleasure so I should be getting the most pleasure from it that I can. So, HELLO! I am back!



BicraftualMe said...

YAY welcome back! I missed you! You have more than three followers, by the way. At least 13. That's more than I have! Just keep plugging away.

BicraftualMe said...

YAY welcome back! I missed you. You have more than three followers by the way, at least 17, including myself. I have far less than that...