5.27.14--Tea Time Tuesday

No, I probably would not use it so I will add it to my Pinterest. Fun to look at.

How about some Cath Kidston for tea? I like her country cottage designs. She reminds me of Lori Holt, another designer that really makes me cheery.
Daughter has some, too.

I actually have mugs in this design. Cherries have a special meaning to me. I have someone in my life who is like a daughter to me. Well, what I imagine a daughter might be like if she was already grown up and I didn't have to pay for college or anything. 

Cherries have ALWAYS been my favorite fruit so when Daughter and I message each other on Facebook, it was natural for me to chose this little "sticker" to indicate our connection.

I wonder if she would think I was a little over the edge if I added a couple more CHERRY things to my collection. After all, when I go, she is going to have to sort through most of it!!!
HAH! It is advertised for CHILDREN. They do not know me.


To cute. I could not keep up with that.

Except I don't picnic because I dislike bugs and squirrels who think it is okay to SHARE.

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