FMQC November

Practice Paper Printout with continuous line at top and switchbacks at the bottom.
This month's Free Motion Quilt Challenge teacher is Sarah Vedeler. I would show you her designs, but her gift of November's lessons does not include the right for me to grab photos of her work and publish them wherever I wish. Instead, go to her site because she sells designs for quilters featuring hand, machine or embroidered applique.
More Paper Practice

 This month's tutorial is all about spirals and I like spirals, right? Also, BEST OF ALL, my machine is back! After not working in July, August, and September, I took it in to be fixed. Picked it up and it still didn't work. Drove it to Atlanta in October, picked it up in November and IT WORKS!  HOORAY!!! Don't get me wrong, Little 915, I still heart you very much and you were a great stand-in. But I have done mostly hand sewing since the 1630 went to Barry's healing hands.
Large continuous spiral
Anyway, Ms Vedeler had us do large and small spirals in two styles. I thoroughly enjoyed it.
Small continuous spiral
Large with switchbacks

Small with switchbacks


I quite like the organic look of the spirals and I could see myself using this as an all-over on a very busy quilt where you couldn't see how my arms and hands shake a little.

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