I've been out every morning this week so today, I am taking "off".  As I write this Wednesday afternoon, I have plans to sleep in Thursday. One of my sisters-in-law, the one I sent the wool and bamboo yarn cowl to, sent me some nutritional supplement and a calming tea to try. Yesterday I tried a little of each and got a solid 6 hours of sleep! I will keep it up all week and see how it goes. Sometimes you just need a one week adjustment to reset all the dials.     
Meanwhile, I am still enamored with small quilts. I have several small quilt books including these. All are published by That Patchwork Place. 

When I have to decided on a book without actually getting the chance to thumb through it I can always be sure that if it is published by That Patchwork Place, it is a GREAT book.  This first book, Bits and Pieces, by Karen Costello Soltys, has so many great little quilts in it, I wanted to make them all. I had not looked at it in several months and Friday, I found myself  practically recreating one of her little quilts just with the three colors I bought as inspiration.
The Paper Pieced Mini Quilts book is a little daunting. I know how to paper-piece (this book means foundation piece, really) but it takes some prep and the right mindset. Still, there are some lovely ideas and with patience, I could enjoy the final product. I am more likely to find something in Little Quilts, though. It is written by some ladies who live not far from here. I do not know if they still have their quilt shop, but I am willing to find out. It is only about a two hour drive. When dog food and groceries are a half hour drive and the nearest family is an 11 hour drive, going two hours for another quilt shop is NOTHING.

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