Etching of the H. M. S. Pandora--sent to capture H.M.S. Bounty mutineers, is the first ship in recorded history to founder off the coast of Queensland.

Last week's Mantra: I CHOOSE SLEEP. Did it serve me well? I may have slept less if I had not had that phrase to rely on but who knows. Still having some sleeping issues including one night where I just never got sleepy so I just didn't go to bed. That means I have a lot of time to fill. I think I need to go back to my list and make some of those obligations into priorities. This week my "go-to" phrase will be 
The Walter William May lists and founders in the Arctic

Troublesome BACK ISSUES have really slowed me down this past week. You may have noticed fewer blog posts. In fact, the only ones that posted were ones written previous to last Saturday. Nothing like intense pain and lack of REM sleep to mess up the ability to communicate effectively. Well, I have a lot of hand work on my list as well as machine work and cutting out sorts of things to do. Cutting out uses the most back muscles, so out of necessity, I will be skipping those on the list. Machine work may get a chance but that is fairly back intensive, also, so we will see. At any rate, when I have the chance, I will

Ellan Vanin lists, founders, breaks her back. Read more about her at the Whitehaven Tall Ships website.

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