My local quilt shop, Country Stitches, is featuring a Block of the Month quilt. I can't decide whether or not I want to sign up. I think I do but I really want to see the fabrics first, before I make a yearlong commitment.  The BOM I am considering is called Saturday Soiree, designed by Faye Burgos and the fabrics are from Marcus Brothers. I got this picture from the website of a quiltshop in Rockledge, so if you are in Florida, go visit for me!

This is the way a Block of the Month works. The quilter agrees to pay a set fee and every month she receives enough fabric and the instructions to make a block for a quilt. The blocks all coordinate to make a finished quilt. The quilter provides batting and backing. Below is the collection's 108" wide backing print. Not bad.
It looks like the monthly fee will be about the cost of a yard and a half of fabric each month--but you barely get enough fabric to make the block. Still, that pays for the instructions, also. I have never done one, but Quilty Friend has done a few and I think Tallahassee Quilty Friend probably has done one. I AM still doing the machine quilting challenge once a month but that is no fee and I supply all the materials. I guess I just REALLY need to touch the fabrics. Maybe I can order a sample of them somewhere. If it is the WRONG blue it could be quite a painful, yearlong experience. And you can probably see the above quilt is not in the same family of blue hues as the individual fabrics below. Which is correct? If it is these below, according to my monitor, I will be signing up! Or at least buying the fat quarter bundle.
What do you think of these? It also comes in red but my shop is only featuring the blue for the Block of the Month. I like the blue better, I think. I will probably have a problem with the outer border. I do not care for a lovely quilt that finishes with a wide-ish, muddy medium value, messy,medium scale print. I prefer a solid frame of light or dark value. I could change my mind. After all, look at all the Civil War type prints I have been buying and the traditional blocks I have been considering. NOT ME, NEVER. Never say never.

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Yes, your Tallahassee Quilty Friend did a block of the month several years back and it was a lot of fun! The one I chose encouraged me to learn a new technique, which I have used MANY times since. The cost was and is a concern if you calculate how much you spend to complete the top, but that reminds me of an old saying my Daddy used to say, "it's not so bad if you cut off that dogs tail a little at a time!" LOL! Go for it, and have fun!