Ach! Sie möchten lieber auf Englisch zu lesen?
My Grundrezept Kniestrumpf (translated means: Basic Recipe For Stocking) is actually about 3 inches or so at this point. In fact, I have TWO of them at about the same progress point.  

What you see in the back ground is an email to Angela Mühlpfordt of http:bestrickendes.de, the designer. Highlighted in blue are her directions in German and below that, highlighted in lavender is my interpretation. I use Google translate and chunk out little parts at a time. I am amazed at how much I can understand before translation. I took no German in school but English is an amalgam of several languages, German among them so some things just make sense.

I am at the point where I will begin thinking about decreasing for the under-the-calf curve.  I did not ask Angela for permission to post the picture from her design so you will just have to click HERE to see for yourself. Remember to look at the lovely heel.

This is a free pattern and I can tell you how to knit as far as I have knit if you are interested.  She used Knit Picks'  STROLL yarn for hers and used about 130 grams. There is a website in Germany that carries Knit Picks so it is just as easy for her to get the yarn she likes as it is for us to order from our own domestic Knit Picks site.

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