Well, I DID say I had been full-on knitting. I have finished a number of scarves and here is one.
You can read about it HERE , at least , I THINK you can. I do not know if you have to be a member of Ravelry to look at different pages posted by members.  This scarf was made when I found two balls of all-too-easily feltable wool and decided to use 'em up in something not likely to be "over"washed by a recipient. Who washes a scarf? It looked a little plain until I put in some garter ridges of Chunky partly acrylic wool by Berrocco. I think it might have been Tonic. It was not awful, like most acrylic blends, but I should just NEVER buy acrylic, even on spec, no matter how pretty the colors are or how great the price is. I just do not like acrylic. Yarn Snob.

This just in:
OH, OH! Think I crossed over to the DOLL SIDE. I am busy all day today making dolls I hope will benefit QOV (GO, REGION 8!) at the Mountain Heritage Festival on Labor Day.

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BicraftualMe said...

Nice scarf! I love the colors of the wool!