I am actively knitting a pair of knee socks designed by Angela Mühlpfordt. I found them on the Ravelry.com website.  You can knit a pair for free if you belong.
I am using Cherry Tree Hill fingering yarn in the Green Mountain Madness colorway. I just got a third skein in the mail from Handknitting.com, run by Laurel and John Murphy and the color lot is NOT VERY CLOSE and I am thrilled! I expected it to be more different from the original two skeins then it really is.  In fact, I had expected to work in DUSK, an entirely different colorway but I think it might have gone well. These will be socks for me and every time I wear them, I will see where the dyelots did not quite match up and I will remember how happy I was FINALLY finding a place that even carried CTH in fingering--let alone the colorway I hoped to buy.

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