I am back. Knitting. Knitting some more. Loving it.
The other day, after two and a half days of window (internet) shopping for yarn, I dove into my yarn stash. I found pounds and pounds of yarn and even a few Works In Progress.

I am working on a scarf because I was intrigued with Christmas Lace by Julie Sprague. Luckily, while stash diving, I found two skeins of Cascade Lana D'Oro, which I bought to make into a Lava Flow Cowl by Dixie Norton. When I bought it, I wanted Ruby or Vermillion and was determined to support a local business but they did not have it. Because I intended for it to be a gift to a green loving person, I bought the RAINFOREST colorway.
Christmas Lace--looking good!
As a knitting project, Lava Flow did not turn out and since I have gone back on Ravelry, there was an errata/update for it, but too late for THIS yarn! It was great fun to do the cables for Lava Flow but as I remember, the counts were off for joining. It would make a fun scarf but I am already hooked on Julie's pattern. 

Look, it is pretty right side, wrong side, blocked, not blocked! First time I have ever liked knitting the "back" side of a pattern more than the front.

I am enjoying working with this yarn SO MUCH. 50% Alpaca / 50% Wool, it handles as beautifully as llama. Click the Cascade Lana D'Oro link and see all the colors that are available!

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Julie said...

It looks fabulous in that yarn! I always love deep intense jewel tones.