Quilt of the Season

The Fall Leaves table runner did not sell and neither did this which is pleasantly hanging at the foot of the stairs as mon édredon de la saison (my quilt of the season).
It is 20 inches square and has a combination of big stitch in various thread types as well as more traditional hand quilting. The stitching around the individual squares I did in a wool yarn which required a little needle grip puller for each and every stitch!

The top left square has a hand appliqued capped acorn with a quilted oak leaf in the background. I wanted the acorn to be central but I did not want the viewer to forget that falling leaves are part of the acorn to tree cycle. I used green thread for the leaf image to further make spring kind of a ghostly past.

The bottom left is a hand appliqued pumpkin with big stitch within the pumpkin and more traditional stitching around it. I used some of my favorite orange plaid and some twig printed fabric for the pieced stem.

The bottom right shows outline hand quilting around two hand appliqued oak leaves. I am sure the outline quilting is too faint in this picture for you to see it. I saw the shapes for the leaves and the acorns in a magazine and knew I had to buy the magazine. I will search out the issue and let you know which one it was.
The top right block has a sort of three dimensional angle from a Debbie Mumm quilt pattern (circa 1985?) I had that showed angels on a Christmas quilt. I used one of them and made a more dimensional angel with changes to the gown to give it an overalls-jumper effect. I made a blouse and arms, neck and head to put the blouse on. The straps on the overall were very fiddly but I got them to work. Here is a secret, her little legs are only attached to the quilt and her dress! She has no body but her feet hang free.

Her wings are not attached to the background and also hang free. They have decorative stitching so tiny you probably can not see it from the photo. I used dark brown thread and picked up two threads from the fabric and then went under two threads and so on. There is outline hand quilting around her wings and the rest of her but I am sure you can not see it.

I have tons of "hair" for dolls and found this lovely reddish mohair for her. She carries a wire twist of beautiful fall oak leaves.

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