While I was on the fabric.com site, I noticed they had a sale on Shiva Paintstiks --half price! I have long wanted to try them out. How could I resist since the addition to my order provided me with free shipping and therefore the Paintstiks were virtually free.  I ordered this

I did not know they would come with this book
It works out very well for me. I had recently added this book by Ruth Chandler, Liz Kettle, Heather Thomas, and Lauren Vlcek

to my personal library and I have hopes of using it like a workbook to try new techniques. It is spiral bound which I think is BRILLIANT. I think I invented that. Most of the books in my library that I needed to use flat, I ordered in paperback if they were available that way. Then I took them to one of my local business and printing centers and had them sliced and spiral or comb bound. 

THIS book is a HARDback and comes already spiraled!  BRILLIANT. Yes, it is worth two brilliants. Each technique is wonderfully described and the photography enhances rather than detracts. Some books I have show pictures thrown in by a clueless editor who knows photography sells a book about art but has no clue how to use it. 

Even if it is a day when I can not get out my plastic table covering and paints or set up my machine and clear my work area of everything except shiny threads, I can read through the book and find something to think about.

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