The morning of the last day of the quilt show. My things in the silent auction did not get much attention, but hardly anything did. There were 65 items and only about 10 had bids on them. My quilt friend says today will be a better day because we live in the country and Saturday is market day. Locals don't spend their money on Fridays, HMHC says, and besides yesterday was payday.

The things in the Boutique made money. In fact, one of the ladies I worked with was sad because she was going to get her friend one of my pumpkin pincushions but they were all gone--EARLY.
I do not have a picture of even a single one but I came home last night and made 8 more. I enjoyed it but I wish I had known ahead what would sell.

This is Iris. She went into the Silent Auction and her sister twin sister Gwendolyn went into the boutique. They are made from Julie McCullough patterns.

People wanted witch dolls, angel dolls, angel ANYthing, and different kinds of pincushions. People COLLECT them! I saw one I wanted but someone bought it before I got up the nerve to spend the money. It was in the most delightful little teacup.

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