One of my sisters-in-law saw this and wanted it. 
 Yes, it should link. Go ahead and click it. It comes in yellow, too.

If you follow fashion, you might have known that it is a KateSpade sweater. It is not my cup of tea but it will really look good on SouthFloridaSis.

You might even think that $179 is a bargain price since you can find it upwards of $259 in various places on the internet. I thought it could be done up with a little hand work if the right sweater could be found. Two weeks ago, I received in the mail, the perfect LLBean sweater in the perfect color so I began sewing on the little daisies. Here is the progress so far. The red thread is basting.

Unfortunately, the internet knows I have been looking at all these sites that have the Kate Spade cardigans on them and IT WILL NOT LEAVE ME ALONE. It has customized all the ads on the games I play on Facebook and everywhere I go to lead me to other Kate Spade fashions. HEY, INTERNET, THIS IS NOT FOR ME. KATE SPADE HAS NOTHING I LIKE OR WANT FOR MYSELF. DID YOU HEAR ME?

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