My favorite BLOTTO block was the butterflies.  The background fabric was a deep turquoise which appears batik-like in the photograph but it is not. I found little bits of the print that looked like mirror images and cut butterfly wings to appliqué. I prepared the pieces and did lots of research on Sashiko patterns and found an interesting cloud treatment in a Sylvia Pippen book. I drafted it out unscientifically (I eyeballed it), embroidered, and then scattered the butterflies on to flit happily.

All in all, I enjoyed the experience but I hope I do not win the blocks. I don't have anything in my house that goes with those colors and my house is not Asian in style. I submitted them without my name on them and a couple of meetings later, someone tracked me down and made me put my name on them. Oh, well, I will worry about that tomorrow.

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