Tea Time Tuesday briefly interrupted by this message. For tea inspired picture, see the bottom of this post.

As soon as the Door Stop Hop accepted applications for hostesses,
I knew I wanted to be one. I had asked for permanent markers from Santa, and I was designing a FISH for my door stop. I imagined it as an over-grown beanie baby style object, custom designed with the "painterly effect" I could get if I used alcohol and paintbrushes with my Sharpies.

The day after Christmas, I set up my supplies and set out to make some exciting fabric. I painted and stained and dripped alcohol all over the place. I let it dry and the next day, I drew up templates, sewed, cut, and assembled my beautiful fish.

It is huge.

It was so big, I could see I would not be able to get through the doorway it was designed to keep open, once it was stuffed. Back to the drawing board.
I left it in my sewing room, unstuffed, fin-free, waiting to become...SOMEthing.
It sure was fun to work on, though. Check back tomorrow and see what we will be using this spring when we open the windows again!  

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Tea Time Tuesday 
Read about it HERE

At first glance, it looks like a chicken but, indeed, it is a FISH! I wonder if it is part of a child's toy tea set. The owner said the mouth, handle and lid fin are plastic.

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