Little to report; amid several projects.
5 quilts waiting for my elbow to allow me to quilt
4 partial pairs of socks and 2 partial sweaters waiting for my elbow to allow me to knit
2  3 table runners awaiting the cutting and applying of borders
1 Quilt of Valor center medallion awaiting a top and bottom inner border and inspiration for the finishing borders
Someone else's  QOV blocks, handed over to me.

1 purse pattern drafted, fabrics chosen from stash but not cut 
multitude of hexagon blocks cut, basted, and ready for assembly
smaller multitude of diamond blocks cut and ready to be basted
"Scrappy" Applique 2013 examined, reorganized
"Scrappy" Black and Tan 2014 January complete, set-up in place for the rest of the year
Studio floor almost walk-through-able

Probably oughta:
gather lose paperwork and put it in the correct notebooks
change the needle on my sewing machine
go through my crafts library and release some of those books into the world. 
release the 6 lady bugs I caught yesterday, nosing around my desk
picture from THIS BLOG

"Hippodamia convergent ladybugs congregate together in the fall to hibernate. These ladybugs can be found most often in the upper elevations of the Sierra Nevadas, Rocky, Appalachian, Blue Ridge Mountains and other mountainous areas throughout the United States and Canada." ~ladybuglady.com

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