I guess it is safe to say I am on a purse-and-pouch-making jag. I went through my purse frames and found these which are the ones I have owned the longest. 
They were packaged and sold by Bucilla but if you like them, don't look to Bucilla. They have been discontinued. You can get them HERE, though, in gold tone AND silver tone.
I have had these for a long time because when my mother and I bought them, we NATURALLY thought there would be instructions and a template in the package. THERE IS NO TEMPLATE. But I just found one last week( 10+ years later?). At least, it was the template designed for the larger, 3.5" frame.
I traced my 3.5" frame on the template and guess-timated how to make a template for the 2" one.  If you have a 2" frame and need a template, contact me. At this time, I have no plans to make it a public offering, but I would hate to see anyone's purse frame languishing just because there was no pattern!

Next, to choose the fabric. You know I am not a fan of glittery gold on fabric, USUALLY, but in my stash I had a piece of fabric left over from when I made a tea cosy. It has a little gold metallic on it, and that suits these frames just fine.
I quilted lines a quarter of an inch apart, making a fabric sandwich of outer fabric and left over scrap cotton batting. I have enough left over scrap cotton batting to blanket a small European country. Including mountaintops.

I hand stitched them into the frames. I like the way they came out and I am thinking of sewing them together as you see in the second picture. What do you think?

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Scrapatches said...

I love this fabric! :) Pat