This month's Free Motion Quilt Challenge,  run by SewCalGal, is tutorialed by Angela Walters. She is VERY VERY good. My piece, above, shows my first attempt at her Tiles Technique.  I thoroughly enjoyed it. I recognize that I will need to graph out my tiles and use my Frixion Pen and RULER to draw straight lines. 

Unfortunately, I got so excited about doing this I dove right in and did not bother to step back and see if my tile outlines were straight.  Angela shows examples of her tile work that include some interesting triangle tiles. Well, not really triangles, more jagged and irregular like a box of tiles was dealt like a hand of 52 Card Pick-Up.

Well, anyway, I have broken through my stasis and will probably return to regular blogging. I have a mantra all ready for Monday, a picture for Tea Time Tuesday, and maybe even something for Wednesday.  See you tomorrow.


M and M plus 3 said...

Wonderful finish. I too need to do a little more practice on this technique.

Angela Walters said...

I love it!!! The filler that you used is so very neat as well!!!