Oops. I had trouble with Blogger's date system. AGAIN. I must be doing something wrong when I schedule a post ahead of time. My success rate is about 50%. Anyway...

Today, I am at the Georgia Mountain Fair, in the Quilter's Cabin. Our Guild (Misty Mountain) has a quilting frame set up and we are working shifts demonstrating hand quilting. I have to take a project with me to work on since some of the visitors to the cabin like to sit down and do a little quilting. Plus, when we prepped the quilt for the frame, almost half of it is already finished! I do another shift on Saturday. Wonder if the quilt will be done by then.

Since this post came out on the 22nd and you already read it and saw my blocked scarf picture, there is nothing to do but show you another picture.
This is Kraemer Yarns Tatamy Tweed in the birch colorway. It was almost an entire tee-shirt but got frogged. Now it is on its way to being the Bistro Shirt from Oat Couture. See the picture below?

I checked with Ravelry and made some changes. Then, when I was almost half asleep, I decided on some other changes that this shirt might need to fit me, well, to a T. I will probably put in some ribbing along the sides and do some short rows at the bust. We will see. 

Just noticed, this is my 500th post! If I was like all the bloggers I follow, I would host a contest and giveaway. There really is no point since I only have about 4 followers but 500 is still a mile stone. At least, I THINK this counts even if it showed up at the wrong time several times. I deleted the "wrong" ones and the count is 500!

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