Monday Mantra:
I am a good and kind person.

I try to have a positive mantra available for those times I need to fall asleep, refrain from saying something harsh (that is still a hard one for me--if you know me, you know sarcasm is my native language) or if I am attempting something difficult.

This is a new habit for me--an outgrowth of my old "You can do it" that I used sporadically on myself. 

Studies show we can alter the chemistry of our brains by using positive thoughts. Called neuroplasticity, the theory was put forth by by William James in 1890, but scientists rejected the idea because they thought the brain was rigidly mapped and unchangeable. That kind of reminds me of the people opposing funding to Christopher Columbus. Not very optimistic, were they?

Anyway, the brain can change its structure as people combating cerebral palsy, strokes, learning disorders, or various emotional wellness issues are finding out.

So, you might say I have been thinking a lot about the chemistry of the brain and how I believe our thoughts shape our lives. 

I have thought about how some of my more spiritual friends have a greater sense of calm in some situations that would totally unravel many others. 

And, I have thought about how chanting and prayer play a large role in the world's major religions. I remember being part of a large Buddhist funeral ceremony and how much comfort we drew from our group chant.

All those reasons are why I have decided to have a little list of affirmations ready for my use. Today is the first day of Monday Mantra so I chose the phrase I was saying in my mind when all those thoughts coalesced. Borrow mine each Monday and make it yours or make your own affirmation list.

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There are a lot of people willing to blog about the brain's electrochemical system. Thousands. I read through a few. THIS person (in 2009) mentioned a lot of good general habits to improve the quality of life and make a person more resistant to depression.

THIS SITE has a section called Mind Alchemy. I have linked you to the page with Barrie Davenport which links in a free download for her Living Bold program.
THIS FELLOW has a lot to say regarding depression and thought. If my optimism slips, I will be back on his site right away. A person could go step-by-step through his site like a workbook. The problem is that depressed people have inertia. What would make them utilize this site?

I am trying to understand depression better but it is difficult for me. Each day I wake up on this wonderful planet and I can not wait to look out the window and see the new day.


Kristen said...

Thank you for this post. I intend to read more of Dr Dave. I can say that my daily level of depression is dependant on my thoughts that day, however, having an already "down" day allows depressive thoughts to come much more easily. I hope one day to want to wake up every morning and see the world as you do.

Anonymous said...

I don't know how this fits into your blog, but I feel that I have over come a great deal, and my faith and my favorite saying: Smile and the world smiles with you, cry and you cry alone, has gotten me through it all. We all have down times, but on the whole, I feel I am up!! Let me know how you do with this!! H~