Remember the Arachno Shawl from yesterday? Here is where I got to by Thursday.
It does not look like good knitting because there are several times to knit through the back leg of the stitch which makes it look a little twisted. 
 It will all work out when I drop the correct stitches and let it ravel down. I could be knitting the transition rows before I get to the shoulder rows right now but when I take a computer break this is what I do. I read these.

 I have it in my mind that I need to teach myself to crochet. I thought I might start with some of these motifs. I remember Granny Squares from the 70s. I have a bajillion crochet hooks and plenty of yarn. I even thought I might take that second book, the one by Suzann Thompson, and do all the leaves in white and off white in very fine yarn to put on my crazy quilt. Seems like a good idea. Maybe I will.

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BicraftualMe said...

Shawl looks very nice! I have that Crochet Motif book, I love it!