Wednesday at the Folk School

I have enjoyed Morning Song each day and not even missed my customary morning of computering. I am sorry to miss all the evening programs, but basically they are just practices for the different community dance groups, which I can go see anytime. This time with Dee Dee Triplett and my two talented classmates will never happen again, so I will enjoy it.

Had a massage today from a wonderful, nurse, tie-dye expert, kaleidoscope-making masseur. He probably has other claims to fame but those are the ones I know about. 

I had the opportunity to spend time with him TWO days in a row because after my massage day, I invited him back to our classroom to see how we were rusting blacksmith refuse (we practiced dumpster diving and found a treasure trove) on to "found" fabric. As a tie-dye expert, he was very interested.  He came back the next day to show us an outfit that had a long story in front of it. Fantastic. He left us that evening with ANOTHER long story, joyful, sad, enraging, poignant and with a happily-ever-after that reaffirms the basic goodness of most people regardless of their own personally held beliefs. 
Yes, the socks do not match. Man after my own heart. His have all the shades of red, rose, lavender (with sparkles,"Someone made them for me and of course they have sparkles. I love sparkly things"), and all the pinks from hot to mellow. You can see part of his outfit. The entire thing was tints of what you see on the pants cuff, audaciously, joyously tie-dyed and was the exclamation point to a story we had heard the night before.

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