The diary from first full day at the Folk School.

 Metairie classmate's sample of stitches.

Monday, February 13.
I am up at 4:07 a.m. Sleep fitfully until 5:40 when I decide to quietly gather my things and go to the bathroom in the hall (not the one in the room--don't want to wake up the other) Took my shower, got my computer, downstairs for coffee which was promised at 6:00. Well, they were close. Only ones up--me and a man who probably was in the next room. After about 15 minutes, more men entered the living area. Women don't seem to be up and about. Seems like these fellows may be doing wood working? Not sure. They were talking about sawing logs and I can tell you that SOMEone in the next room was definitely SAWING LOGS throughout most of the night! 

In class, we reviewed lots of old stitches, learned some of the ones that involve stitching enhanced by stitching of another color applied on top. Came back and worked after supper with a classmate. She has led a fascinating life and is a Katrina survivor. I cannot even begin to imagine how that will affect every choice she makes from then on. She elected not to receive a certificate of completion. I wondered at the time if that was because she realizes THINGS are not as meaningful as people and knowledge. She worked small and neat, organized. Like many people in the sciences (she is/was a geologist) she has a left-brain streak but I think Katrina really brought a different sense of order to who she is.

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