Tuesday at the Folk School
 Ice encrusted waterfall in the pond between "home" and the dining hall.
Tuesday, Feb 14.  Up later--5ish. Icy Cold. Spent the day learning new stitches. Many were "off-loom" weaving style. Came back after dinner even though that meant missing the contra dancing. Worked with the teacher and learned even more "off-loom" work, but basically worked independently. 
Fun times with the roommates. Laughing and revealing confidences; discussing teachers and classes. Every meal, I have been sitting at a different table and meeting people. Met a pair of doctors and a data person. The doctors are making a fly-fishing pole (he) and learning book arts (she) The data person works in Atlanta and says she has taken several blacksmithing classes already. She is working on a table sized-bonsai like tree that will hold three candle cups. I hope I get to see it. She is fun to talk to and I ate lunch AND dinner with her. I will go back to breakfast Wednesday and sit where she customarily sits. 
 As you see, I DID get to take a picture of Blacksmith Atlanta-Data person's beautifully wrought creation.

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