Melted snowman made by *Flower*, my fire-dancing, vegetarian-cooking roommate when she was here the week before studying pottery.

John C. Campbell Folk School was wonderful. I was lucky enough to stay on campus even though I live only 30 miles away. I think it was important to do that the first time so I could get as much of the "flavor" of the school as possible. I had wonderful roommates. We shared a lot of laughs and there were five of us in one room, so laughter was a wonderful bond. Here is Sunday's diary entry:

Sunday, Feb 12.
I am to stay in Keith House, on the floor above the registration and "living" area.  I have 5five roommates and we are a varied bunch. The Kentuckian is a therapist and her clients contact her by text and FaceBook. I think they are very lucky to have her. She will learn the banjo this week.  The blacksmith is a knitter and had pretty blue and green yarn which she will probably be too tired to use this week. Two are learning vegetarian cookery. The first I met also does fire dancing, the other does non-combative historical re-enactments. Then, next to me, is a newlywed who is studying paper arts and the making of books. I am the only embroiderer in the bunch.

Dinner is family style. We all file in, stand, sing a blessing, then pass serving bowls around. Sunday night's menu: ham slices, string beans, sweet potatoes, cornbread muffins, chocolate cake. Just like a regular Sunday dinner at  a grandma's.

Then we met with our teachers in the classroom. I drove over to the weaving building where my class is being held so I could off-load my huge bin. Dee Dee has TONS of supplies for us to use.
It looks like we will be doing a sampler of leaves after we learn KNOTS Monday.
Here is the teacher's sample. We never did get to that, so I am doing one at home right now.

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