Can you even see this first piece of fabric? It is black with brown circles. I was looking for a few blacks and medium browns for an applique quilt I wanted to start. It is called Henrietta Whiskers and I was all excited about starting in January. You may remember it was set up as a block of the month and I collected all the blocks for free as they appeared on the Bunny Hill site.
It is no longer free but if you click the link, you will see that it has a lot of squirrels and crows on it.This looked like it might make nice squirrels. It even goes with most of my other browns and well with the next piece of fabric I thought might make nice squirrel tails. But I have not started this quilt yet. I was going to cut the first pieces on January the first.
I can not bring myself to make a cute squirrel quilt when we STILL HAVE VERMIN IN OUR CRAWL SPACE and now our bedroom smells like a squirrel toilet.  The wildlife division of our insect exterminator company will have come and gone--A THIRD TIME--by the time you are reading this. I hope I have good news to report.

Kyle and Chris were our most recent technicians. I think we will continue to do battle with the flying squirrels but at least we have great support via Arrow Exterminators. I will probably be able to make headway on this quilt in the spring.

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