Hello, I've missed you. 

Former SouthFloridaFamily-now-UtahFamily is visiting and we spent some time looking at where I work. 

I was proud to show off DONNA, dressed by my very talented co-worker, Sandy. 

I wish I had a photo of the pleats under the overskirt. It is a lovely creation.

Although I haven't lived in Florida for eight years, I still have connections there, largely via Facebook. That's how I found out about Tropical Storm Emily. I'm sorry Florida had all the rain. I miss the rain. Unless you live here, in the Pacific Northwest, you probably don't know we are having what is becoming our annual heatwave, with temperatures exceeding 100 degrees.

It has been a challenge to stay cool, but we are doing it. I expect to have air conditioning installed this fall--hopefully by winter, because the heat does not work in some of the rooms and the HVAC guys will take care of all of that. 

I love my 1960s townhouse style condo, but I do not love lack of air conditioning. It almost kept me from pursuing its purchase, but I had looked so long at so many unsatisfactory pieces of real estate, that I thought I could work with this one flaw. 

Besides, I thought I would have worked out the air conditioning issue by May. Instead, I have some amazing new plumbing. Certainly a bigger priority.

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