This pin I made for a work friend's birthday. I put it here today, because in order to work on it, I added to the already FULL dining room table another layer of "stuff I'm working on". Complete disarray. There are at least 5 projects layered, inspiring fabrics, half of my beads, as well as my largest sewing machine.

I have a sister-in-law-in-law,  HM, who is the sister of one of my actual sisters-in-law. 

I guess that's how we refer to those types of relatives? It makes sense to me. 

Anyway, she and my sister-in-law, VM, measured my spare room and assessed my needs for a work space a couple of weeks ago. 

She is a very talented architect and room designer. She is going to draw up a plan for me and help me figure out which stages to complete first so I have a work space that is functional. 

QuiltyFriend would periodically come over and help me overhaul where I stored things, and at the end of my time in GA, she was tremendous help figuring out how to pack them. But she is 2400miles away and I need serious help. 

When HM came to measure we discussed some ideas: install the rest of the flooring leftover from the downstairs after ripping out the carpet, use curtains over the closet door, hanging wall cabinets on one wall, closet overhaul. I can't wait to see the final plans

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WAZOO! Quilting said...

having a functional studio will encourage creativity instead of frustration! Hang in there, and you'll be happy in the end!