Happy Saturday! I have the day off! I hope to attend a Hand Sew group for my guild. Here is some doggie fun for the weekend. 

From Sisters 2017, this is a Round-Robin quilt submitted by Catherine Garner of Portland, Oregon. 

Notice the barbed wire fence around the pup.

Garner worked on this quilt with friends from Anchorage: Cathy Beattie, Janna Chandler, Linda Hartley, Lael Marlow, and Elise Rose. 

I believe the dog was the beginning of the project. 

The quilting was done by Marybeth O'Haloran.

I always think I would like to participate in a Round-Robin group, but I'm not sure if I have the confidence in my ability to see a project through to the end. I would hate to let someone down.

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WAZOO! Quilting said...

I have the free paper piecing pattern for that dog! I have made many copies, thinking I would make a quilt with them some day... Its called 'Yappity Yap'. I don't remember what site it was on, but could send a scan of it, if you want to make one. Great quilt!!