I am still enjoying my job and I have picked up a few hours. I think I am just this side of full-time. My feet and back are still bothering me but I may get used to it soon.

I got to dress more mannequins. The skirt on this one is one I had in my mind since the first day of work. 

I was looking at the fabric and my trainer said, "If you want to drape a mannequin, go ahead!" It took me a few weeks to feel comfortable doing that and I still wasn't ready to do this skirt. 

I had mentioned my idea for the skirt to a co-worker and she looked at me funny and said, "You might want to try Pinterest and see what's in style." Understandably, I let that idea go back to the mental file cabinet.

But then the BOSS said she wanted PINK featured. I told my supervisor I was thinking about the pink theme and she handed me a scrap of pink eyelet and I was on my way! The challenge I impose on myself is to NOT cut the fabric. We are allowed to cut off a salable, useable amount, like 1.5 yards to 2 or so. So far, I have managed not to cut.

The BOSS wants a ball gown out of some funky pink and white striped fabric. I don't have any experience with a ballgown, but one of my co-workers is an expert and designs ball gowns professionally, specializing in the Disney Princesses. Pretty good for only 24 years of age, right? She was away at a Cos-Play event in the Emerald City but says she can help me out when she comes back. I just want to stand back and watch her drape that mannequin into a princess.

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